Cleansing Streams

Leaders: Rev. Rudy & Gloria Hernadez

Cleansing streams consists of a discipleship program and a seminar. Cleansing Stream Ministries is a program that partners with us. It teaches and train's leaders and maturing believers in personal cleansing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare so they  can be released to serve, minister, and disciple others in the body of Christ. contact us or click on the link.

Children Ministry

Leaders: Anthony & DeAnna Serrato

The Children's ministry focuses on teaching our future generation the bible from an early age; that our kids and our future generation may be brought up in the ways of Christ. This goal is achieved by the works our Freedom Worship Center family that pour their heart into what they do; they know the word of God and have been discipled. Contact us for more info.

Cleaning Ministry

Leader: Sister Gloria Hernandez

Cleaning ministry is in charge of the up keep of the Church. They keep the church running in good shape, and clean the church every Saturday. they keep the church looking great. Contact us for more info.

Discipleship Cleansing Streams

Leader: DeAnna Serrato

Discipleship class is the next level after going through the Cleansing Stream class. Discipleship goes deeper into spiritual warfare; it teaches us how to better discipline ourselves as Christians; show us how to better our relationship with Christ. Teaches us christian's how to better our spirit of discermeant. Contact us for more info.

Greeter & Glory Cloth 

Leaders: Sister Sonia & Rose

The greeter ministry is the the one that stand in the front of the church by the door, they are the one that welcome the people into the church, it is a good way to start getting involved good way to meet people. The glory cloth ministry are the one that assist on putting the glory cloth over the people when the are getting slayed in the spirit. Contact us for more info.

Men's Bible Study

Leaders: Pastor Sal Morales & Rev. Rudy Hernandez

Men's bible study is a ministry where men get together and fellowship with brother and learn the word of God. Men's bible study is every other Friday night. Contact us for more information.


Leader: Brother Jose Moran

Media ministry is in charge of recording the service. We make sure the easy worship is ready before service, we take care of the recording, photography, and easy worship during worship. Contact us for more info.


Leader: Rev. Rudy Hernandez

Outreach ministry is the dedicated to reaching out to people new people that come into the body of Christ, then go out into the community pass out flyers and reach people. Contact us for more info.

Prayer Night

Leader: Pastor Sal Morales & Rev. Rudy Hernandez

Prayer night meets bi-weekly it's a time where believers gather and come in agreement in prayer. It's corporate prayer, we gather as one and make our request known to God. Contact us for more info.


Leader: Pastor Sal Morales

Preaching ministry is dedicated to building up in the knowledge of the word and getting people ready so they may be able to bring the word forward to the body of Christ. Contact us for more info.


Leader: Brother Carlos

Security ministry is dedicated to insure the security of people. The security of the automobiles in our premises. Contact us for more info.


Leader: Pete Jr. & Carlos Jr.

Sound ministry works closely with the worship team, they are to make sure that the worship team sound is were it needs to be at, the running of sound board for the worship team. Contact us for more info.


Leader: Jose Moran

Ushers ministry is the authority of the church we keep the sanctuary in order, we assist in alter call, and in prayer. We collect the tithes and offerings of the church. Contact us for more info.


Leader: Pastor Trish

Women's ministry is dedicated to women, it helps women grown in the Lord, it gives women guidance in their walk with God. Its all about women needs and cares. Contact us for more info.


Leaders: Brother Sal Morales Jr. &  Sister Amanda Morales

Worship ministry is all about worshiping God through music. The Worship Team lead us into the presence of God. Worship is music. Worship team is always looking for musicians. If you play an instrument or sing and would to get involved contact us for more info.


Leader: Sister Sandra Saldana

The Youth ministry is all about building up youth, our future generation. Youth is from grades 7th to 12th. The main focus is to teach our future generation the ways of God, and how to deal with the peer pressures of today's Youth. Contact us for more info.

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  1. Be a greeter/usher

    This is a great way to get
     to know members

  2. Be in other ministries

    We have a verity of other ways to get involve

  3. Behind the scenes
    Join our technical, grounds or kitchen crews.


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 “To equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. . ." Eph. 4-12


That’s where Freedom Worship Center comes in. We provide a holy place of respite in the tumult of life. So come, put aside the cares of the week and find yourself in the presence of God.

We offer a variety of ministries that will help us grow in Christ and that we may reach our calling in the body of Christ. that we may help other when they come into the body of Christ.